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At The B. Box, we offer a variety of classes for every child from the wee bees up through adolescence.


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We offer a variety of classes for every child from the wee bees up through adolescence.

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B. Box, Company B (BBCB) dancers are students who have received well rounded training, and continue to train in Ballet, Jazz, Technique, and other styles, and who have been instructor recommended to audition after at least one year of consistent training.


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All dancers 12 to 13 years old and younger will go through intro classes until a desired skill set and consistency in training is attained before being considered for Level 1 classes.

Dancers joining us from a previous training background at a different studio will be referred to classes for placement evaluation.

Level 1 & Up

I'm interested in intro

Starting age of at least 7 years old, but can go up to 13 years old. Must be in 2nd grade, up to 8th grade.

These classes are designed to effectively teach the foundational skills necessary for progression.. They also lay foundation for dancers interested in joining our competitive dance company, BBCB.

These classes provide vital skills and progression will vary by student and is dependent on their learning rate, training consistency throughout the season, attendance, summer enrollment, and hours of enrollment each week.

It is not uncommon for dancers to remain in intro classes for several years. 

Intro Level

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5 to 7 years old AND in kindergarten OR 1st grade.

Kinder Combo

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3 to 5 year olds not yet in kindergarten.

Student's must be fully potty trained and capable of taking class independently.

Busy Bees


Progression in dance is a marathon, not a sprint. Your instructors always have your best interest in mind during progression.

Hard work, time, patience, and passion will serve you well during the progression process!

Class Placement
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